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settings get from current form, if you will change settings it not be use in tasks

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Number of keywords in the text: from to
Density of selection of the
keywords / phrases / phrases and keywords
tags , from to %
from to
from to
Number of pages without keywords: from to %
Count of sentenses in paragraph from to
from to %
from to %
from to %
synonimize text from to %

from to Count links in TAGS
Random lines from the list / from the file
Input random line from file, use this input by macros [RANDLINE].


Path for images of tags RAND-IMG, GEN-IMAGE data/images/


Type of doorway:
Page name: from the list / another
Page Title:
Meta Description:

External link:
Insert links with macros [GO-URL]. You need write macros in template of web site
External HTML-link:
Insert HTML code in macros [GO-LINK-HTML]. Use it in template


Template name of category in URL:
Words in category: from to



URL for redirect and cloaking. You can write many urls. For cloacking use only first:
Types of redirect, if you enter a few links:


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